Franco American Center

The University of Maine Office of Franco-American Affairs was founded in 1972 by Franco-American students and community volunteers. It subsequently became the Franco-American Center.

From the onset, its purpose has been to introduce and integrate the Maine, Regional and United States Franco-American Fact in post-secondary academe and in particular the University of Maine.

Given the quasi total absence of a base of knowledge within the University about this nearly one-half of the population of the State of Maine and more than 15 million in the US, this effort has sought to develop ways and means of making this population, its identity, its contributions and its history visible on and off campus through seminars, workshops, conferences and media efforts – print and electronic.

The results sought have been the redressing of historical neglect and ignorance by returning to Franco-Americans their history, their language and access to full and healthy self realizations. Further, changes within the University’s working, in its structure and curriculum are sought in order that those who follow may experience cultural equity, have access to a culturally authentic base of knowledge dealing with French-American identity and the contribution of this ethnic group to this society.

The Center is located at Crossland Hall on the University of Maine Orono campus.

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  1. Karen Farrell-Howard says:

    I am a direct descendant of ANTOINE BELIVEAU and MARIE ANDREE GUYON (Guion). My mother is Jeanne Beliveau.

    I have searched the inter-net long and hard to find more interesting things of my BELIVEAU family. I came across a web site where there was a printed speech of some one who gave an oral lecture of “The life and times of a Beliveau”…..I believe it was the grandson? of Antoine. It was extemely interesting. I tried to print it, but it was copy righted……maybe you can help me find the author or maybe there is a book of this ‘story’. Thank YOU, Karen Farrell-Howard

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