Yvon Labbé

Yvon Labbe

Yvon Labbe

Yvon A. Labbé was born in Saint-Georges-de-Beauce, Québec, and following the family move to Maine in 1950, he attended public schools in Madison.

While pursuing a masters degree at UMaine in 1970, he, along with a group of Franco-American students and community members, became aware of the total absence of a body of knowledge on campus — history, literarure, folklore, language and culture — regarding the more than one third of Maine’s population which is of French heritage.

In 1972, following a year of lobbying of the UM administration, he became the co-founder and director of the Franco-American Centre which, in collaboration with the institution and Franco-American communities, assigned itself the mandate to redress this consequentialhistorical neglect, work which is ongoing to day.

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