Father Val LaFrance

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From Marc Chasse collection, an interview with Father Val LaFrance, a Dominican priest on August 6, 2006.

Languages: English

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2 Responses to Father Val LaFrance

  1. John Ervin says:

    I tried (j’ai essaye’ bien fort) to get the video interview of Fr. Val LaFrance, O.P., as I’d known him for thirty years, and just found out about his glorious eternal birthday, which took place July 2………….. Vous avez un autre endroit ou je peux revisiter l’entretien avec lui? Que Dieu vous benisse, et nous tous. ~~~John (Jean) Ervin

    P.S. Je demeurais quatre ans en France, malgre une naissance en Californie……

  2. Regina Lapierre says:

    loved this guy – went to his retreat @ 1987 in Charlotte, N.C. – I’ll never forget it, or him.

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