Book Mites

Book mites are awful to think about, but when it comes to reading a lot forget about book worms, the book mites have probably taken over. It isn’t too late for you if you have been able to identify them, but just be sure that this is what you are dealing with.

Book mites, who are also called booklice, are similar to dust mites, but the book mites just prefer to eat the paper in your books. They prefer a warm, moist environment so if your home is a little on the humid side prepare for the book mites to take up residence. Sometimes the book mites are noticeable if your books have been stored in a musty area. When moving a lot of people finally see them for the first time, and are unsure as to how to get rid of them.

The book mites are hard to see as they are very light in color. They are equally hard to get rid of so you have to stick with it once you start. Once the population of book mites has grown they are really easy to spot because a population may grow to several thousand. There are several different species and subspecies, so when looking for products to eliminate them you just need to make sure that you are getting the right one.

The most common place the book lover might find these little guys are near a window sill. Many people in the city have small apartments over store fronts, and if they do chances are they are using the window sill as a place to put their books. If the building is older, than there is no doubt that moisture may seep through the window which is where they are likely to take up habitation. Be sure to check this area frequently and clean often. If you notice any of these creatures than try to find a treatment product immediately so they don’t continue to populate.

If you have any book shelves that are near light fixtures in your home, than chances are they may take up residence there. When the light is so close to the bookshelves, it generates a warmer environment. A light fixture near a window and a bookcase is only going to make that area even more likely to house book mites. With heat and moisture developing, it attracts a large number of these pesky creatures.

Book mites are also referred to as Psocids early in life. The psocids usually hatch within two to four weeks of being laid. The mature female generates a lot of eggs and if they are hatching in your bookcase you could have as many as fifty to one hundred at a time! That is a lot of book mites being born on your valuable books.

Female book mites have a very short life span, but they can produce anywhere from two to three generations per year while they are here. If the temperatures are cold, any adults that are living will not survive the cooler temperatures; however any eggs that were laid will be able to survive the temperature changes and will continue to hatch once the temperatures have reached the proper level.

The most interesting thing about book mites is that if they live in books, they will also take up residence in the trees. Books essentially have the same ingredients that the tree has. The pages of the book come from our trees, and so therefore they can take up residence either way. Be careful if you leave your windows open during the spring and you have a tree nearby. Once again the combination of the warmer temperatures and any moisture that comes through the window when books are nearby will draw in the book mites.

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