Eliminate mice: how to do

An infestation of mice is a serious problem to be tackled as soon as possible.
Mice are types of rodents that are able to adapt to any type of environment and are content to live in very small spaces multiplying immeasurably without brakes.

The thing is very harmful to the house and to any place they decide to infest you, that’s why eliminating mice must be a safe option and to be taken instantly. Strongest rat poison can be nice option.

But how can you eliminate mice?

First of all, if it is not a real infestation, we can try to eliminate mice ourselves.

First of all, we must isolate the environment: we must not allow more mice to creep into our house while we are busy eliminating those already present.

  • Isolate ourselves, we will have to look around and identify every possible point of entry: mice usually sneak into the house through small holes in the water pipes or at the connection of those for gas. We eliminate these small holes using hard steel nets, like those used in the kitchen.
  • Eliminate the mice, all waste, we will always have to put them in a sealed container as mice are used to enter the garbage during the night. After removing cardboard boxes, newspapers, plastic bags and various garbage, we can start eliminating mice for real. If we have children in the house, it will be better to rely on traditional traps to eliminate mice, otherwise, we can switch to using targeted poison to eliminate mice.
  • Mouse traps, to eliminate mice, you will have to use certain traps, some of which will consist of small cages inside which you have to insert a bait. If the snap-on device allows it, we put some peanut butter, which we strongly recommend to use also for glue traps specially designed to eliminate mice: when the mouse will go to eat, it will remain glued and will be in a trap
  • Where to put the traps, we place the traps in all the areas usually used for the movement of mice, as some classic examples suggest (behind the refrigerator, under the kitchen sink, behind the bench of the cellar.
  • Poison the mice, as mentioned before, if there is no danger in the house due to the absence of children and other pets, we can use the poison to eliminate mice. We will have to choose a poison that not only poisons the mouse but also dehydrates it. In this way the mouse will run away from our house to look for water and die in the garden.

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