How Do You Kill Fruit Flies?

Knowing how to kill fruit flies means that you will be able to take control of these unwanted pests before they can do significant damage, or become an out of control nuisance in your home and garden. If fruit flies have been causing a concern for you for some time, you may have tried many methods of getting rid of them. But the toughest part is killing them all at once, and keeping them away for good.

Before you start to learn about methods of killing fruit flies, it is a good idea to become educated about the insects themselves. The more you know about them, the better position you will be in to take control of them, and to implement actions that can help to prevent them from coming back in the future.

Quick facts about fruit flies

The species of fruit fly that might be causing problems for you will depend upon where in the world you live, as there are a number of recognized species. These include the Olive fruit fly, Asian Fruit Fly, Queensland Fruit Fly and other species. In most cases, the fruit flies are only considered a pest if they are not native to the area and/or they become a problem for fruit crops. In any case, if you simply have a case of fruit flies in your home, you will want to get rid of them as soon as possible, regardless of the species.

Where do fruit flies come from?

Fruit flies are attracted to rotting or fermenting fruit. They will also breed in this decaying fruit. Therefore, the first and most obvious preventative measure is to avoid having any rotting fruit lying around in your home, or in your garden. If you have fruit trees outside, keep up a regular schedule of swiftly disposing of any fruit that has fallen to the ground. People who live in more humid areas are more likely to have problems with fruit flies in their home.

Fruit flies might be accidentally brought into the home on fruit that you have bought or picked, or you may have brought fruit in that had fruit fly eggs on them. This is the start of the cycle of fruit fly infestation that must be broken. Because fruit flies have such fast life cycles of around eight days, it does not take long for their numbers to increase to plague levels if left unchecked.

Do fruit flies only bother farmers?

Fruit flies can be a huge problem for fruit farmers, but absolutely anyone can experience the distress caused by these insects right in your own home. Just a small fruit bowl can be enough to attract pesky fruit flies, so can one or two small fruit plants in your yard. It does not take much for fruit flies to detect rotting fruit anywhere.

So how can you kill fruit flies?

There are many methods and ideas floating around that concern killing and preventing fruit flies. Some will work, whilst others can be highly questionable. People are moving away from wanting to use harsh and dangerous pesticides and other chemicals, with good reason. So finding more natural and safe ways of killing and controlling fruit flies has become a top priority.

Vinegar Traps

This is a popular do it yourself option that take advantage of the natural power of vinegar which has a very strong and attractive smell for fruit flies to be attracted to. Vinegar traps are relatively simple to make, but they only work well if you make it with care and according to accurate instructions.

Apple Cider Vinegar

This is different to regular vinegar, and involves combining ACV with some water and a few drops of dish soap into a bowl. This acts as a simple trap for the fruit flies to fall into and drown. Obviously this is a method that may or may not work; depending upon how many fruit flies are about and how likely they are to come near the bowl.

Other tips for preventing fruit flies

There are actions you can take to minimize the chance of fruit flies returning. This includes effectively disposing of all old and rotting fruit and vegetables. It should be taken outside into the garbage in a bag, rather than left inside. Likewise, keeping your compost scraps outside is vital if you want to avoid fruit flies in the home. All dishes should be cleaned as quickly as possible after using them, to avoid them becoming another food source for fruit flies. Your kitchen should also be kept as clean as possible.

These are just some of the ideas and tips you can implement to try and kill and prevent fruit flies. For a more in depth tutorials on exactly how to rid fruit flies for good using purely natural methods, check out the highly respected guides on Amazon at this link and you can find control strips, fruit fly traps, insect killers, sprays, gnat eliminators, and more.

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