How to keep mice away: practical and natural remedies

If you have a rat infestation problem, you will first need some
information about these rodents.

The scientific name of the mouse is mus musculus. This species of pest is widespread throughout Italy. It is very easy to meet them in country areas, but their presence is massive even in cities, especially if there are accumulations of garbage in the streets.

The most widespread species of mouse and rat in Italy are the country mice, among which we remember the domestic mouse, the shrew and the rice field mouse. Each species is particularly widespread in certain areas and in certain environments. For example, the shrew loves places that have the presence of water. Then there are the fearsome sewer mice and panthegane, which are particularly threatening to health.

In fact, unfortunately, mice are pests that can damage both the environment and man: in fact, the mouse is potentially very dangerous to health. These animals can transmit very serious diseases, especially if their excrements come into contact with food. That is why you need to pay particular attention to pantries and places where you store food, all the more so if you have a food company.

As well as posing a threat to our well-being, they can also cause considerable damage to home furnishings and electrical wires, due to their habit of gnawing on inedible objects.


Mice are resilient animals, which adapt well to living in different situations: from barns to attics, to cellars and sewage systems, they have a great capacity for adaptation.

In addition, their biological cycle includes an abundant and fast reproduction: this means that rats can multiply very quickly and any infestation can get out of hand in a short time. In fact, in many Italian cities, there are real rat emergencies. How to keep rats away: practical and natural remedies?


If you have mice in the vicinity of your home, it is advisable to use professional pest control services. Only pest control professionals, experts in pest control services will be able to give you the right advice on how to keep mice away.

In addition to some useful information on the habits of these animals, we at Disinfestazioni Venezia have all the tools and techniques that allow us to remove mice in a short time and permanently.

The removal methods and techniques we use are specific to mice and also include bait and traps. In any case, the tools we use are state-of-the-art: we use, for example, mechanical barriers, ultrasound and ecoboxes: these are both ecological and effective at the same time.

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