How to keep mice away with natural methods: DIY repellents

There are many do-it-yourself repellents and natural methods you can use to keep mice away from home and the garden. What bothers and hates mice? Ammonia, ultrasound, natural sprays and more, without the need for traps and poisons. Here are some interesting ideas and valuable tips.

How to get mice away from home and garden with natural methods?

The DIY repellents you can use against these cute rodents are different. If you’re looking for natural remedies to keep mice away without killing them, while respecting them and the environment, you’re in the right place. What bothers and hates mice? Often, brutal and dangerous methods are also used for children and pets, just because you don’t have the patience to look for good alternatives that don’t harm anyone, including the environment.

Logically, for reasons of hygiene and health, it is not prudent to make mice proliferate near your home, although they are also useful to the ecosystem, as any form of life. So, how do we move them away, respecting them? You can use ammonia, ultrasound, a natural spray repellent and more, without using traps and poisons. Here are some interesting DIY ideas and valuable tips about mouse repel all natural mouse repellent gel and guide on how to get rid of mice, thanks to completely natural remedies.

How to get mice away from home

What to do to keep mice away without using poisons – a bloody and dangerous method also for other animals and the environment -? The first advice as old as the world is – if you have the opportunity – to adopt a cat: even the simple litter used, in fact, will keep mice at a safe distance. If this is not possible or not enough, you can treat the affected area with cooking oil, which will have been left to infuse for several days with garlic and chili in abundant quantities: the result will be, then, a repellent for mice spray, which will be sprayed on the surfaces in question.

How else can you keep mice away from home? Mice do not like the smell of mint, so you could use the leaves of this plant or its essential oil to be placed in the access points to the house, in the pantry, and in the cellar: for example, you could pour essential oil on some cotton balls soaked in peppermint essential oil and place them where you prefer. What then bothers the mice? Eucalyptus essential oil – like mint essential oil – should also be considered a useful natural deterrent against mice: pour a few drops on cotton and leave it in the areas to be protected. Remember to replace the cotton balls every 3 weeks or so.

How to remove mice from the garden

Mint can be grown as a plant to be placed both inside and outside the house. So how do I get the mice out of the garden? Mint seedlings can be useful because of their intense smell that disturbs rodents. In the same way, you could use rue plants (Ruta Graveolens) or laurel plants (Laurus Nobilis) to buy as seedlings or to grow from seeds: they are, in fact, excellent natural repellents to keep rodents away, which can not stand the odors.

What do mice still hate? Like moths, mice can’t stand the smell of camphor: you can use it outside, but also in the cellar or in the garage, being extremely careful because it must be kept away from children and animals.
In addition, you could move mice away with ultrasound equipment: these are specific devices that emit vibrations into the ground, every few seconds and that will persuade any mice to stay in the area: there are various types, including solar energy.

Ammonia is also useful against mice, whose smell is just as annoying for these rodents: the alternative uses of ammonia are different and you could, therefore, prepare bowls full of this substance to be placed along the perimeter of garages and cellars to be protected. Remember, of course, that this is a method to be avoided in the presence of animals and children.

How to keep mice away without using traps and poisons

It may seem obvious, but remember never to keep leftovers of food in the house or garden, which can attract rodents: the first step to keep mice away without using traps and poisons is, in fact, prevention, so devote yourself to thorough cleaning of the house and close, hermetically, in sealed containers, any leftover food. Don’t forget, moreover, to keep the rubbish bins tightly closed.

Among the natural remedies against mice, also steel wool to be purchased from the hardware store: you can, in fact, use it to seal and block any entrances such as doors, windows, and walls of the house, as you t

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