How to Kill Fruit Flies Fast With Easy Learning

The summer weather can usually come with quite a lot of unpleasant things, one of the most annoying of them being fruit flies. Many people do not know how to kill fruit flies fast, thus this small nuisance continues to be a problem in the living rooms and in the kitchen for all the summer. If you have once dealt with a fruit fly infection in your house, then you can tell how hard it can be to get rid of fruit flies. The flies have a very fast breeding mechanism and have a way in which they can survive even after you have disposed the suspected fruits. But there is an easy way to deal with this nuisance and get rid of it very fast.

Fast and Easy Fruit Fly Extinction

Use a sticky swatter

The moment the sight of fruit flies is seen in the house what most people think of is to swat them. Unfortunately, the small size of these flies makes it difficult to swat them. The best solution to this is to make a homemade sticky swatter. Coat a Styrofoam plate with a layer of cooking spray. When swatting the tiny flies they will be caught in the oil and eventually die.

Using a blow dryer

At times the tiny insects might become a nuisance that you just want to get sweet revenge on them. Yes! You can do just that. Get the hair dryer and turn it on so that hair is blowing out of the fans. Point the dryer away from the flies as such that the suction side is pointing towards them. The suction force will pull the flies and drive them into the dryer where they will be burned to death. This is just the best revenge for this nuisance.

Dispose any rotting fruits

The moment you see a few fruit flies in your house. The first step you should take is to check your fruits for anything rotting, beyond ripe, or that has been cut. You just need to get them out of your house and not just throwing them in the dustbin, unless it is an outdoor dustbin since this will not do any help. It is good to bag them and dispose them in an outdoor dustbin. Also, it’s important that you clean any residues left behind.

Bottle of soda

If you drink soda, then you have quite an easy job getting rid of these flies and killing them as well. What you need to do is to take your bottle of soda and make a hole on the lid. Then, empty the soda so that just a little remains in the bottle. Place the bottle at the convergence point of the flies and watch them swarm into it.

Burn some little incense

Fruit flies have a very small respiratory system that requires a lot and constant supply of fresh air. This is to say any inhalation of irritants such as smoke can just kill the flies so easily. Since you cannot set fire in your house to kill fruit flies, you can burn just some small incense. This smoke and perfume slowly kill the flies.

Trap them with a rotten fruit

A rotten fruit can also provide an avenue for you to trap the flies. There are times when you realize that you have these tiny insects after you had left some rotten fruits in the house. As such, the way they were attracted to these fruits is equally a good chance for you to trap them. You only have to take some rotten fruits and place them in a bowl. Cover the top with a clean plastic paper and then perforate the paper with a toothpick. The flies will be attracted to the smell and get into your trap, but they will not be able to get out. You simply would have trapped them to their death.

Use some wine

Fortunately, it is not only humans that are attracted to the taste of wine. Even these insects also have a test for it. You can therefore sacrifice some of your wine and get the insects from your house. Leave a bottle of wine close to where they are converging and they will be attracted to the wine and fly into the bottle. The funnel effect of the bottle will keep them inside the bottle and eventually kill them.

In a nutshell, these are some of the easy tips on how to kill fruit flies fast. With these methods, you can effectively keep these flies off your house. The advantage of using these ways is that they are so easy, cheaper, and not complicated. Furthermore, they’re safe because they attract minimal side effects. It’s a great opportunity for you to enjoy a zero fruit fly zone all summer without fruit flies in your house.

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