Simple Remedies to Kill Fruit Flies in Your Kitchen

Summer time is one of the periods that may necessitate the use of varied tactics to kill fruit flies. It’s an enjoyable period since kids are at home. During this time, they are involved in different activities that require a lot of snacking from time to time. This may be a challenge to you because may not be able to place that bowl of fruits or jug of juice on the kitchen table for them to access. Fruit flies hovering all around them will always manifest them. In addition, they will not remain as fresh as expected. Instead, you will have the constant buzz of pesky critters, leopard spots on your bananas and molds that form partial patches. You need not worry anymore. You can apply some simple remedies to help you get rid of the small sized insects.

Methods to kill fruit flies fast

There are a number of methods that you can use to ensure that you kill the fruit flies in your kitchen in a quick way. Here are six of them:

Making a sticky swatter

Most people wish that they could be in a position to hit the small insects immediately they experience many fruit flies in their kitchens. However, due to their tiny sizes, it becomes very difficult to smash them. You can make it easy for you by making a sticky swatter on your own. The process is very simple. Make a coat of thick-layered cooking paste on a Styrofoam plate. As you try to hit the flies, they will get stuck on the plate and die finally.

Make use of a blow dryer

You are likely to get your most rewarding revenge against the tiny insects if you make use of your blow dryer. You should turn on the blow dryer for the air to blow away from its fans while aiming at them. The flies will be sucked up through the suction from the other side. The extreme heat in the dryer will then burn them. This is quite gruesome. The good thing is that it will make the flies disappear as fast as they emerged.

Use a little incense

The small fruit flies have very delicate respiratory systems. Therefore, they need a constant supply of clean air. As such, any irritants such as smoke, that they inhale is likely to kill them fast. Since you can’t set your kitchen on fire, you can burn an incense stick. It will result in the slow death of the insects as it produces perfume and smoke that puts them off.

Make a trap using apple cider vinegar

Fruit flies cannot resist the smell of fermentation. Because apple cider vinegar is a product of the fermentation of apples, it’s just the drink to attract the flies. You need to put a mixture of the vinegar and dish soap in a jar so that the flies are trapped in it and do not fly away. However, you will have to heat the vinegar before use.

Trap the flies using fruit and soapy water

There is no better way to lure fruit flies than to use fruit. You will require an almost rotten fruit to work the trick for you. Place it in a jar of soapy water. It will attract the flies while the soap will help to trap and kill them.

Coat your kitchen sink using vegetable oil

Getting your kitchen sink coated with vegetable oil will ensure that the flies that land on that surface are coated as well. Once they are coated, they will not be able to lay eggs and will eventually die. Do not worry about the created mess as it will do the job for you.

Don’t Worry about fruit flies that get killed anyway

Fruit flies are one of the menaces experienced by most homeowners. They have a life span that is crazily short and are able to reproduce at an extremely fast rate. They are mostly attracted to items such as sink and garbage drains as well as fruits that are in constant use in the kitchen. Thus, they can be challenging to have around. If you are experiencing a difficult time with them, you can use the above-mentioned remedies against them today and get rid of those tiny annoying small insects in your kitchen fast.

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