Simple Tips For Killing Fruit Flies

Fruit flies tend to be a menace in any home. Homeowners can now use these tips for killing fruit flies to completely eliminate these intruders. People tend to go for difficult means such as swatting but these flies are too small and too fast to be eliminated in this way. These tips will do the trick.

Here is a List of Tips For Fruit Flies Remedies

Use a sticky swatter

Swatting is one of the most traditional methods of killing fruit flies and almost every other bug in the house. However, fruit flies form large groups hence swatting one means the rest will fly away to other spaces in the house. To make it easier, spray oil on your swatter to create a sticky surface. Gently move the swatter over the flies without creating any noise or rapid movements. In this way, several flies will stick on the swatter, which you can wash off later.

Make traps

Owing to the fact that these flies get easily attracted to food, this means that they can easily be killed using the same. Place some food or fruits in a bowl. Cover the bowl with a plastic paper and make some small holes on it. With time, the fruit flies will penetrate the paper and get trapped inside the bowl. It’s easy to get in but hard for them to escape since the holes curve inwards. Alternatively, cover the bowl with a sticky cloth. Spray some sticky oil on the cloth and cover the bowl with it. Whenever a fruit fly tries to gain access to the bowl, they get trapped on the cloth. This method is absolutely amazing since the flies eventually die.

Burn incense

Fruit flies are tiny and very delicate creatures hence any irritating thing tends to kill them. Burning incense is another simple tip for killing fruit flies. Burn the incense in the area where the flies have gathered. The smoke will choke them and they will eventually die. The good thing with this method is that the smoke spreads around the house fast. As such, even if the fruit flies escape to other rooms, the smell will still catch up with them and they will die.

Use vinegar

Vinegar has a sweet and sour smell that attracts fruit flies since it smells like a fermenting fruit. Pour some vinegar in to a bowl and set it on a counter. The flies will be attracted to the smell and fly right in to the bowl. This simple trap will help you collect several dead fruit flies from your home.

Use a wine bottle

Killing fruit flies is really easy since they get attracted to household items such as wine. Well, no one is ready to sacrifice a whole bottle of wine just for the sake of a few flies. There is no need for a whole bottle, just a few drops will do. When you have opened your wine and used it to almost the last drop, leave it open on the counter. The fruit flies will get attracted to this since some wine will settle on the base of the bottle and the sides. When they get in to the bottle, it becomes hard for them to get out due to the pressure experienced at the funnel of the bottle. They will get trapped and eventually die inside the bottle.

Use dish soap

Dish soap has a very mild smell that fruit flies cannot detect. Well, since they can’t just get attracted to dish soap, it is best to mix the soap with an attracting agent. The agent can be vinegar, juice or wine. Mix this with some dish soap and leave the mixture open for a while. The fruit flies will get attracted to the sweet fruity smell but in no time, the harsh chemicals in the soap will kill them.

Kill the eggs

When fruit flies become a menace in your home then it is time to look for the possible source. One of the most common breeding spots for them is drainage pipes in sinks and bathrooms. The moist environment provides them with a good breeding ground. Killing the eggs is an effective method since they won’t hatch. Pour some bacterial digester in to the drainage system. A bacterial digester is quite viscous hence; it will stick to the sides of the drainage pipe. This will ensure that the fruit flies will not breed there for quite a long time. Alternatively, you can use bleach although you will need to pour it in a couple of times since it is too thin to stick to the sides. Either way, the chemicals will kill the fruit flies.

Killing fruit flies is as simple as that. The best thing about them is that they can easily be killed using the things that attract them. With these simple methods, the menace of these flies will be eliminated from any home.

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