Smart automatic feeders for cats

An automatic feeder for cats and dogs is simply a must-have device if you work all day and there is simply no one to leave your pets with. Such a device is capable of autonomously supplying an animal with food for one or several days, depending on the volume of the filling tank and the amount of food consumed at a time. Let’s consider what principle auto-feeders work, what types of them there are, let’s get acquainted with the best models of these devices. Look at the best automatic cat feeder with our help.

The principle of the auto feeder

Smart pet feeders are based on the principle of dispensing food. The design of the device consists of several main parts:

  • Storage tank for feed.
  • Touch sensors or watch device.
  • Electronics that regulates food delivery and quantity at a time.
  • Lifts – devices for mechanical filling of the bowl with food.
  • Rechargeable batteries.

The principle of operation of an automatic feeder can be based on:

  • When the device is triggered at the moment when an animal appears in the range of sensors.
  • Dispensing feed in accordance with a set timer, after a certain time.
  • Devices equipped with a Wi-Fi module can be controlled directly from the owner’s mobile device, remotely.

In the first case, the device is equipped with touch infrared sensors. When a pet gets hungry, it goes to the bowl of the feeder, which is fixed by sensors. This signal is sent to the electronic controller, which gives the command to the elevator to dispense a certain portion of feed. The most technologically advanced auto feeders are capable of detecting the presence of feed in the cup. If the animal is not fully fed with the portion given out, and after a while comes back to the cup, then the electronics will not dispense food.

Devices working on the principle of a timer dispense a portion of animal feed strictly at a set time. Such auto-feeders are equipped with a device for setting a specific triggering scenario: for example, at 10 am and at 10 pm. The time is set independently by the owner, depending on the pet’s individual diet. Via Wi-Fi, it is possible to change the settings of the automatic feeder, creating new scenarios, as well as give commands to dispense feed in manual mode.

In addition, all smart feeders have a mechanism that allows you to set the amount of food dispensed at a time. This is necessary to properly regulate food consumption, since large animals, such as dogs, require much more food than a kitten. The universal feeders can dispense food from 50 grams to half a kilogram and are equally suitable for both dogs and cats. In some models, both of the above principles of operation are combined. They have built-in IR sensors and a timer. The choice of the operating mode is made by the owner, as required.

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