The mission of the Franco-American Oral History Archives is to develop, collect, archive, and publish oral history media on the personal, regional, ethnic, and political histories of Franco-Americans. The Archives aim to promote storytelling, family studies, community participation, historic preservation, and new media in order to broaden how we think about the past.

Though they are told among us, in our homes and communities, the stories of Franco-Americans often go unheard in public. In part due to barriers many Franco-Americans faced in politics and other social contexts in the United States, their accompanying histories are little known. Often omitted from school curriculum, Franco-American heritage, language, and experience become less available to generations of students who may be unaware of the cultural realities that surround them.

The history of Franco-Americans is not complete without the inclusion of their voices. The Franco-American Oral History Archives relates this history by preserving and publishing recorded interviews, the experiences, recollections, and stories of all who are Franco-American.

Purchase Your Copy of Le Forum
Le Forum has been in print since 1972.  Anyone interested in obtaining back issues from that date may contact us. The sale of the back issues ($5 plus shipping) is to help fund current costs of printing and mailing the current issue of Le Forum.  If you would like to make a donation to support “Le Forum”, our voice, please contact Lisa.

Send Us Your Franco-American Oral Histories
The Franco-American Centre is seeking oral histories to add to the Archives.  Help us by donating your voices and experiences so that they may be heard and shared by all. Please contact us with your questions on conducting interviews, recording them, or publishing them online.

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