Smart automatic feeders for cats

An automatic feeder for cats and dogs is simply a must-have device if you work all day and there is simply no one to leave your pets with. Such a device is capable of autonomously supplying an animal with food for one or several days, depending on the volume of the filling tank and the amount of food consumed at a time. Let’s consider what principle auto-feeders work, what types of them there are, let’s get acquainted with the best models of these devices. Look at the best automatic cat feeder with our help.

How to choose the right dog collar

Leather is a classic collar material. Depending on the quality, it has a different cost and a different appearance. Expensive collars are usually beautiful, reliable and last a long time. Cheap ones often stretch, or even burst, if the dog pulls the leash strongly. In any case, in a leather collar, you should not allow your pet to swim or leave the collar in the sun (the skin can tan and crack), periodically the collar must be carefully cleaned or even oiled. It is advisable to protect from scratches. Leather collars aren’t suitable for all dogs. Choose good collars for pitbulls.